Jumbo Exchange

Brief Overview

Jumbo is designed to be the most user-friendly exchange that sets out to eliminate the common struggles people experience when navigating Decentralized Exchanges.

Thanks to various aspects of NEAR Blockchain and proprietary algorithms, Jumbo works seamlessly meaning each interaction with the exchange is supplemented with immediate visual feedback and appropriate instructions.

Jumbo is specifically created to serve one purpose - unobtrusive and fun experience when trading/swapping, and staking your digital assets.

Jump right in

Jumbo is the one-stop solution for everyone seeking an ungoverned decentralized solution that seeks to lower the entry point for anyone willing to trade. Built on the backbone of user-friendliness, Jumbo allows even uninitiated users to freely explore the capabalties and boundaries of the decentralized equivalents of exchange.

"Jump Right In" - is the slogan that represents the new branch of intuitive and easy-to-use DEX environment that anyone can participate in!

Fundamental Concept

Jumbo is an AMM DEX that offers a cheap, seamless, and unfettered way for anyone to trade on. By tradition, Jumbo also allows anyone to be a liquidity provider without convoluting or masquerading the mode by which any users are able to do so.

Retrospectively considering some common in-design flaws of certain DEXes that by virtue of the intricacy of UX unnecessary complicate the methodology of asset-adding and/or liquidity providing, Jumbo takes under purview straightforward, automated modus operandi that preserves simple and straightforward nature.

By design, Jumbo leverages Near’s architecture to fully realize the simplicity of developing, tuning, and processing that is inherently present on the Near Blockchain.

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